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and the Historical Significance of Seabrook

About the Museum
To preserve Seabrook's rich and unique history, the Japanese Americans of Seabrook, the largest ethnic group relocating to the area during World War II, established in 1994 the SEABROOK EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL CENTER. The Center, the key component of a non-profit foundation, serves as both a museum and a memorial for Seabrook's rich history and community life.

Although small in population and omitted from most New Jersey maps, the village of Seabrook represents a unique and important part of the heritage of Upper Deerfield Township, of New Jersey, and, indeed, of the United States. Seabrook's history is very different- and special. The settlement history of Seabrook produced a place of remarkable cultural diversity. Whether brought together by the ravages of war, the quest for economic betterment, or the spirit of adventure, Seabrook represents a historically unique meeting of culturally diverse people in rural America- relocated Japanese Americans and Japanese Peruvians from the U.S. internment camps, wartime refugees from Europe, migrant laborers from Appalachia, the Deep South, and the Caribbean. Seabrook was the authentic "global, bootstrap village" where people of many cultures and adversities lived and worked together, learned of and from one other, and greatly benefited.
The Focus of the Exhibits at the SECC: The Mission and the Goals of the SECC:
The exhibits depict the settlement history of Seabrook and community life, particularly of the 1940's and 1950's, when the community was most vibrant. The exhibits focus on three major areas and their interaction:
  • Seabrook Farms Company- the company and its historical role in the settlement and employment.
  • People- the various ethnic groups who settled and/or worked in Seabrook.
  • Community Life- the major social and cultural organizations that fostered community activity as well as the representative and significant events of village life.
  • Establish a permanent SEABROOK EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL CENTER to preserve and present the settlement and experience of the diverse ethnic groups.
  • Create a repository of cultural and historical materials to promote education and research in Seabrook's multicultural heritage.
  • Foster greater understanding among people of
    diverse cultural backgrounds.
The Types of Displays:
Large-scale model of
Seabrook Village of the 1950's
Exhibits of cultural artifacts.
Photograph collections of settlement, workplace, and community life in the village.
Published and recorded material about Seabrook from print and electronic media.
Oral histories reflecting the settlement and the experience of Seabrook life.
Upper Deerfield Township Municipal Building
1325 Highway 77
Seabrook, New Jersey 08302
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